Almond Eye Wins 8th G1 Race in History or Autumn Emperor’s Award

Almond Eye Wins 8th G1 Race in History Autumn Emperor’s Prize November 1 10:51

The G1 race of the horse race held on the 1st “Emperor’s Prize of autumn”.
Attention is paid to the almond eye of the five-year-old Yingma and the female horse which has won seven wins in the G1 race of the turf which is the record.
In the past, only six Japanese horses have won seven G1 races, including Simbolildorf, who was called the Emperor, and Deep Impact, which was likened to a “flying run.” Will it be the eighth victory that a lot of famous horses were not able to exceed? Almond Eye challenges.

With his outstanding speed and instantaneous power, Almond Eye has won seven G1 races on the turf and is one more win away from the record-high record.

It is the almond eye, but bad luck continued for the last year.
Arima Memorial in December last year. Almond Eye suppressed the powerhouses who were in line, and was supported by the most popular, but lost to nine. It was a race in which it was difficult to adjust the condition with the previous fever.

It is an overseas race which entered this year and aimed at revival. Although I entered the field, the race was canceled just before due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

In addition, Yasuda Memorial in June. The delay in the start sounded, and two clothes were put on. I couldn’t reach the feat one step more.

Even so, Almond Eye has been training hard. In the final adjustment for the Emperor’s Prize in autumn, we showed good movement.

Sakae Kunieda
“I’m happy to be able to make a good chase. I think I can do a good horse race, so I want to do something about it.”

Riding Lemaire jockey
“The condition of the almond eye is very good. I’m confident of winning.”