I was stunned by Hiromi Tunnels’ “fearlessness”! “Even though it’s a concert at Tokyo Dome …”

Set in a fictitious record shop “THE TRAD”, with the concept of “tasting high-quality music carefully”, Goro Inagaki (Monday / Tuesday personality), Hama Okamoto (OKAMOTO’S) (Wednesday / Thursday personality) and free announcer “THE TRAD” is a music program in which Akiyo Yoshida (Monday-Thursday Assistant) delivers high-quality music and hobby topics that are essential and unaffected by trends, along with masters who excel in each music genre. Hiromi will appear as a guest on the broadcast on October 21st (Wednesday)! He talked about the fearless episode of Tunnels.

(From left) Akiyo Yoshida, Hiromi, Hama Okamoto

◆ “I’m just barely there, just as it is …” (Hiromi)

Hama: I think that Hiromi himself has a lot of acquaintances with musicians around him, but are there any “surprised behaviors” of those people?

Hiromi: There are a lot of people around me doing music, but Tunnels, I’ve been sticking to them all the time since then … I was also doing concerts at Tokyo Dome. So, until the last minute to do a concert at Tokyo Dome, I was really playing cards until tens of seconds ago.

Yoshida: To Trump (bitter smile) !?

Hiromi: It’s like “Are you okay? Do you have to go anymore?” I’m just barely there, I’ll just go out (on stage), and I’ll do it properly. I thought, “What is it? These people”.

Nori-chan (Noritake Kinashi) is still doing live performances, but when I asked “Nori-chan, aren’t you nervous?” Maybe Taka-chan (Takaaki Ishibashi) is more nervous, but Nori-chan says “I’m not nervous”. When I asked “Why?”, He said “No … not really.” I think it’s probably because Hana didn’t want to do it properly.

Yoshida: Isn’t it lacking in strength?

Hiromi: That’s right. It’s like, “This is all right.”

Yoshida: Is that what you imagined (laughs)?

Hiromi: Yes, as you can imagine.

Hama: However, the place to go out is in front of 55,000 people … That’s really amazing! Usually, playing cards to relieve tension, or vice versa.

Yoshida: Do you also do Hama-san?

Hama: I don’t do anything at all. It’s just a solo lecture at Tokyo Dome !? The level is different.

Yoshida: That’s right.

Hiromi: While I was talking like this, Nori-chan called me (laughs).

Hama: There is such a thing (laughter) !? It’s amazing!

Hiromi: It’s like “What’s wrong?” (Laughs).

Yoshida: It was a great timing (laughs).

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