Kentaro Yasui is Little Red Riding Hood, Aran Abe is a vampire … 7ORDER is disguised and announced seriously

Creative team 7ORDER (Kentaro Yasui, Yuma Sanada, Shoki Moroboshi, Myuto Morita, Keigo Hagiya, Aran Abe, Reo Nagatsuma) will be on the official YouTube channel “7ORDER project” on October 31st for Halloween & Mi Morita. Live delivery of Hayato’s birthday party. 7ORDER In March 2020, the group launched the music label “7ORDER RECORDS”, which is presided over by 7ORDER, and is a performer who also has the face of producing himself. Both Instagram and Twitter have more than 100,000 followers, and the original video has been gaining attention as YouTube has entered a surge. Each of the seven appeared in their own disguise. Moroboshi appeared in the role of Iso in the Korean drama “Itaewon Class” and was highly praised by the members as “high quality!”. Next, Morita showed off a bowling pin, and Yasui showed off a Halloween make-up in which Little Red Riding Hood was dressed as a professional. Abe is a vampire, Sanada is Mario, Hagiya is a gorilla, the eldest wife is showing off a homemade bee costume, and the two who wore a gorilla mask and a bee hat said “I do not know who” Many go up. On official Twitter, the person who got the most RTs depending on which disguise is good will be the 1st place, Yasui who showed the finish with perfect makeup won the overwhelming 1st place, and the bottom is from other members However, the result was Sanada who received a tsukkomi saying “Quality is low!”. Next, in the corner where questions are solicited and answered for Morita, who celebrated her birthday today, Morita, who was asked about the abundance of this year, said, “I’m an Arasa in my late 20s, so I hope I can become an adult myself. I’m enthusiastic. In addition, questions such as “What did you eat for the first time at the age of 25?”, “Who do you like disguise in this?” And “What is my boom?” Were answered one after another. Finally, when asked “What do you want to do with YouTube planning?”, He said “I definitely don’t want to do it myself, but I want to see him doing bungee jumping!” And the members asked “Is it pretending?” I’m stuck. Morita was surprised when the staff at the scene immediately answered, “Let’s do it in the near future.” Since it’s a special party, there is also a plan using a card game that says “I’ll give you the proposal I just thought about.” Various words are written on the cards dealt, and it is explained that the person who gains the most support from the viewer will win the game by improvising a game to make words of proposal by making full use of the words. Moroboshi, the top batter, said, “You may be the sun. It looks like it’s going to break, please get married.” Then Hagiya said, “Is this feeling weird? , Abe announces one after another, “You are a goddess for me. I want you to receive it, my romantic. I will cherish you. Let’s get married.” Morita said, “You have been cast a miracle magic. It’s time to connect with me, I love you. I want to go with you Round One.” Yasui said, “I’ll show you, my grandfather, let’s get married.” Sanada said, “I’ll cherish you until I die. The same surname as me. I want you to get married.” From there, there is also a scene where he receives a total tsukkomi saying “What is Mario’s surname (disguised by Sanada)!” Finally, the eldest wife announced, “I will cherish such a world that no one knows. Get married.” Morita won the result. For Morita, who celebrated her birthday, there is also a corner entitled “Surprise from Members” so that you can choose denim and T-shirts for fashion lover Morita. Among the multiple items available, denim has a maximum price of 90,000 yen and T-shirts have a maximum price of 70,000 yen, so it was a plan to try out Morita’s connoisseurs who usually like fashion. As a result of Morita’s serious selection, it was announced that T-shirts are the lowest price of 13,000 yen and denim is 59,800 yen, but Morita who knew the result decided to reselect the highest denim. Even though the members were broadcasting live, Morita was overjoyed when he consulted with him about splitting the bill and finally received the highest denim as a gift, saying, “It’s a really good group!” Finally, as a major announcement, it was revealed that the release of the 1st album “One” and LIVE Blu-ray / DVD “UNORDER” was decided on January 13, 2021. Furthermore, on the same day, it was announced that 7ORDER’s first one-man live “WE AER ONE” will be held at the Budokan, and the viewers commented “crying !!”, “absolutely going!” And “too happy!” Was sent one after another.