Shioki Kiyose of G cup, extreme scene playing sexy OL

Shioki Kiyose, a gravure idol, has released the latest image DVD “Ikenai Relationship” (currently on sale for 4,180 yen including tax, sold by Spice Visual). Shioki Kiyose, who released the DVD “Ikenai Kyoukai”, made her debut as a gravure idol in 2018. Shioki Kiyose is there. The latest work is not only her sultry body, but also one that makes you feel the sex appeal of an adult who does not seem to be 23 years old. Kiyose, who is tall, has beautiful legs, and has beautiful big breasts, plays a sexy office lady in this work. The outstanding style stands out even in a suit that resembles an office lady, but when it comes to a swimsuit, its power increases, and in this work, it is highly exposed, such as wearing extreme swimsuits such as underwear-style swimsuits, triangular bikinis, and V-shaped swimsuits. The bust of the G cup is exposed from the swimsuit. An event commemorating the release of the DVD will be held on November 3rd at Sofmap AKIBA 1st store Subcal Mobile Building 6F (14: 00 ~) in Akihabara, Tokyo (may be canceled or postponed).