This is Japan’s number one disguise, top cosplayer Enako “The perfection is amazing” Halloween shot released

Cosplayer Enako updated Twitter on Saturday, 31st. She showed off her cute Cheshire cat costume for Halloween.

[Photo]Enako’s high-quality cosplay with a beautiful tight waist

Enako is so active as Japan’s top cosplayer that she has been appointed as an ambassador for “Cool Japan” by the Cabinet Office. With over 1.2 million followers, its presence is gaining attention day by day.

Enako posted “Trick or Treat” and a costume shot of the Cheshire Cat that appears in “Alice in Wonderland”. It shows the costumes that are particular about the details and the finest body.

This post was flooded with acclaimed comments on the internet, such as “Enakorin is really high level”, “Very colorful and tight waist is beautiful”, “Completeness is amazing”, and “Enako’s world view is too wonderful”.

[Photo]Enako, beauty bust spills “I’m having trouble with my eyes” Parker coordination faints in agony

▽ Enako
Instagram: enakorin