Data Analysis: Halloween Self-Restraint Call in Shibuya

[Data analysis]Halloween Shibuya of the self-exclusion call on the day of the audience is November 2, 18:31

How was the number of people in Shibuya, Tokyo, where they were called to refrain from visiting on Halloween last weekend?
NHK estimated and analyzed it based on big data on mobile phones, and found that nighttime population was 40 percent lower than last year.

An unusual call for self-restraint of visits

In the vicinity of Shibuya Station, many people have been gathering around Shibuya Station for the past few years, and trouble has occurred during Halloween, and Shibuya Ward has called for people to refrain from coming to Shibuya to avoid tightness, and has taken measures such as not installing temporary toilets and changing clothes space that had been installed until last year.

The number of people in Shibuya decreased by 40% from last year.

NHK analyzed the number of people around Shibuya Station on the 31st of last month on Halloween day, using data collected by NTT Docomo to protect privacy based on information from mobile phone base stations.

Analysis from 6 p.m. to midnight the next day showed a 40 percent decrease compared to last year’s Halloween day.

That’s up about 2 percent from The Average on Saturday in October.

In addition, it was only an increase of about 2% compared with the average of the number of people on Halloween day and the previous Saturday in October.

On the other hand, when compared to each time zone, there was a tendency that the number of people did not decrease so much over the middle of the night on Halloween day, and the number of people increased by around 10% at 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. compared to regular Saturdays.

When I show it on a map of people all over Tokyo…

In addition, the average of Halloween day and the previous Saturday of October is compared across Tokyo and analyzed for each 500-meter plot and displayed on a map.

When the place where the number of people increased was shown in red and the place where it decreased in blue, red stood out especially in the vicinity of downtown areas such as Shinjuku, Roppongi, and Shinbashi, such as along the JR Yamanote Line, and there was a tendency that the number of people increased.

Shibuya-ku” “Many people cooperate to avoid smuggling in the future”

Commenting on the decrease in the number of people in Shibuya compared to last year, Junsuke Ohara, head of the Shibuya Ward Safety Division, said, “I realized that the number of people did not overflow in the drive path like the day before yesterday or last year. I think it’s because we promoted the self-restraint of going out from an early date without any major troubles like before, and many people cooperated with us.”
On top of that, he says, “We will continue to work to maintain the bustle of the city and avoid overcrowding during times when people gather, such as New Year’s Day and New Year’s Day.”