[Details]Who received the “Autumn Medal”?

[Details]The person who received the “Autumn Medal” is November 2, 6:20 a.m.

Over the years, 775 people and 27 organizations, including actor Takahiro Nakai and Haruo Ohi, known as Super Volunteers, were presented with awards to those who have worked the path and those who have made achievements in the field of art and sports. We will introduce some of the people who received the medal in detail.

“Green Ribbon Medal” “Super Volunteer Haruo Tsujio”

Haruo Oshima, 81, of Hite-cho, Oita Prefecture, who received the Green Ribbon Medal, was also known as a “super volunteer” and suddenly attracted attention when he found a boy who had lost track of his whereabouts in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

In addition to volunteering in disaster-affected areas, Mr. Oeye has been working to preserve the natural environment for many years.

On mountain trails in the mountains of Oita Prefecture, such as Mt. Yufu, we have been working for more than 30 years to maintain stairs and rest benches using our naturally collected waste materials.

In addition, there is a sense of crisis due to marine pollution caused by plastic waste, and since last year, we have been carrying out activities to pick up plastic bottles that have drifted to the local coast.

Mr. O’an said, “Even if you get a reward, you don’t have to, you just have to do what you can at that time. I want to maintain a healthy body and continue to volunteer as much as possible.”

“Purple Ribbon Medal” cartoonist Rumiko Takahashi

Rumiko Takahashi, a manga artist who received the Purple Ribbon Medal, is 63 years old from Niigata Prefecture.

In 1978, while he was in college, he made his debut as a winner of the Shogakukan New Comic Award.

After that, the popular works such as “Ersei Ytsura” in which an alien demon girl chases around a male high school student, “Mezon Ikki” depicting a boarder who falls in love with an older female management person in an apartment, and “Ranma 1/2” in which a male high school student who transforms into a girl when wearing water are released one after another, and most of them became TV animation and movies.

Mr. Takahashi’s work is also popular overseas, and in the Eyesner Award given to anyone who has achieved excellent results in the American manga industry, she was inducted into the Hall of Fame and was inducted into the Hall of Fame, and last year she was selected as the top prize at Europe’s largest international manga festival in France.

About the medal, Mr. Takahashi said, “I was surprised to receive a reward that was too much for me, but I feel a lot of joy. We will continue to make more and more efforts to encourage this and continue to deliver manga that readers can enjoy comfortably.”

“Purple Ribbon Medal” Novelist Hako Tawada

The novelist Hako Tawada, who received the Purple Ribbon Medal, is 60 years old from Tokyo and lives in Berlin, Germany.

After graduating from Waseda University, he went to Germany to continue to create poetry and novels using Japanese, German, and other languages.

He won the Group Image Newcomer’s Literature Award for his novel “Losing Heels” released in Japanese in 1991, and won the Akutagawa Prize for “Inu-an-in” in 1993.

Since then, he has released a wide range of works, including novels, poems, plays and essays.

His work has been translated into French and English, published in more than 30 countries, and four years ago he was selected for the Christ Prize, one of Germany’s most prestigious literary awards, and the Most Famous Literary Award in the United States and the Translation literature category of the National Book Award.

About the award, Mr. Tawada said, “I am very happy. There are various colors in the reward, and the color is different depending on the way of service to the society. Purple has the image of the color of the kimono of a high-level monk, and I feel that it is a waste. Purple is also said to be a fusion color between a man and a woman, and does this mean that if you mix a blue man and a red woman, it will turn purple? I would like many people to know about the world of colorful novels that cross sexual and cultural boundaries, because it is a pandemic and where individuals tend to be isolated.”

“Purple Ribbon Medal” actor Taka1 Nakai

Actor Taka1 Nakai, who received the Purple Ribbon Medal, is 59 years old from Tokyo.

As the son of Showa’s famous actor Keiji Sada, he aspired to become an actor and won the Japan Academy Award for Best New Actor for his debut film “Allied Fleet” in 1981.

In the popular TV drama “Fuso-no-Ringos” in 1983, which depicts youth groups of young people set in a university, he played the leading role and made a life.

Since then, he has gained popularity with a variety of roles from serious to comical, starring in NHK’s Okawa drama “Takeda Shingen” and appearing in popular films such as the movie “The Samurai of Burmese,” and won the Best Actor Award at the Japan Academy Awards for his 2003 film “The Samurai of Burma.”

In addition, he has starred for a long time in NHK’s period drama “Ungiri Nizaemon” series, and has been active in a wide range of fields, including his first attempt at musicals in recent years.

Mr. Nakai said, “The only thing I’ve been trying to do for myself is not to give up. Desperately, one thing to continue. I am relieved that the result led to today’s reward, and that my life was not all mistakes. It is the most feared thing in the society that even the human heart is attacked by the virus by the spread of the virus. We are at the edge of culture and art, and we want to live as usual, with the motto of digital and analog tools, so that we can heal our customers’ hearts and lead to peace of mind even a little through our work.”