Hokkaido Corona Virus Newly Confirmed 96 People Infected, Most In One Day in Hokkaido

Hokkaido Corona Virus Newly Confirmed 96 People Infected As a Day in Hokkaido November 2nd 21:01

The number of confirmed infections of the new coronavirus has increased to 100 people, with a total of 96 people in Hokkaido. Of these, 83 people in Sapporo have been infected rapidly.
A total of 83 people, 69 people living in the city and 14 those located in The City of Sapporo, have been confirmed to be infected more than 20 times a day, more than 59 people a day, and the number of infections has skyrocketed.

In addition, in the road
One of the cities of Otaru
One of the cities of Asahikawa
Four people in Chitose City
Two people in the city of Yueba
One of the cities of Tomakomai
One of the Sosekikari regions
A total of 13 people in the biliary region were confirmed infected, and a total of 96 people were confirmed infected in the provinces of Douchi each day.

By age group, with the exception of 23 undisclosed people, 21 people are in their 20s and 30s, followed by 14 people in their 40s.

The number of tests was 1175.

According to the road, except for 15 people who are not currently disclosed, all of them are mild or asyng asyngstly.

More than half of the 96 people, 57, do not know the route of infection.

According to the road, one of the newly confirmed infections was a student at Hokkaido Tomakomai Technical High School in Tomakomai City, where the cluster is located, and a total of 12 people were infected associated with the cluster.

In addition, Michi announced that a new cluster has occurred at the Ground Self-Defense Force Higashi-Chitose garrison in Chitose City.

In the Higashi-Chitose garrison, a cluster of five Self-Defense Forces personnel was infected on the 10th of last month, and the road was said to have ended on the 23rd of last month, but a total of six people in their 20s and 50s were newly confirmed infected.

In addition, Sapporo Medical University Hospital announced that four people, patients and nurses, had been confirmed infected.

According to the hospital, two nurses in their 20s who worked in the “11th floor north ward” were confirmed one after another on the 30th and 31st of last month, so PCR tests were performed on all staff and inpatients working in the same ward, and the infection of two patients, an inpatient and a discharged patient, was also confirmed.

The hospital has been suspended from accepting new patients in this ward since 31st last month.

In addition, the road is “Lilac Traffic” headquartered in Sapporo City, and one taxi driver’s infection was confirmed for one day, and the person who might have used it is called to consult the Sapporo City Public Health Center etc.

The consultation desk of the city health center is 011-632-4567, and information such as the target ride time and location can be found on the homepage of the road.

A total of 3301 people were infected in Hokkaido, including a total of 2,263 in Sapporo City, of which 110 died and 2646 had completed treatment.

Sapporo City “Re-tightening and Basic Infection Prevention Measures”

In Sapporo, 83 infections were confirmed on the second day, the highest number so far, and the highest number for three consecutive days.

A Sapporo city official revealed at a press conference that the number of “middle-aged and elderly” infected people aged more than 40 had surged to 105 in late last month.

In addition, there have been cases where infected restaurant employees are infected with people who eat and drink together at another restaurant, spread the infection to their families, etc., and chain up the cluster.

In Sapporo, the situation where thorough infection control is particularly required is a break time at school and work, and eating and drinking with colleagues and friends.

Mr. Yamaguchi, Director of Infectious Diseases at Sapporo City Public Health Center, said, “If the infection continues to spread to middle-aged and elderly people, it is expected that the number of severe patients and deaths will increase. I would like citizens and business operators to re-tighten their minds and take basic measures to prevent infection.”

Hokkaido Health and Human Services Department “Not at its peak yet”

Takashi Tsujishima, director of the Hokkaido Department of Health and Human Services, told a press conference, “We cannot think that we have reached the pinnacle in a situation where the number of patients is increasing every day and updating the highest number, and we have a very strong sense of crisis. There have been a series of cluster occurrences, but looking at the situation, I feel that the number of people who are going to work even if they have symptoms is increasing, and that measures are loosening.”

On top of that, I called for people to take a rest if they have symptoms such as fever or cough, and to take care to take basic anti-infection measures, such as wearing masks and hand washing.