Mai Shiraishi talked about the anguish in the special graduation program and overcame it to create “the good points of Nogizaka46”

Yutaka Sato, a writer who writes many articles about idols in magazines and web media, checks regular programs and crowned programs in which idols appear for a week. He talks about the idols who were shining on TV that week. The 89th observation period is from October 26th (Monday) to November 1st (Sunday).

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Nogizaka46 and Mai Shiraishi finished their graduation concert on Wednesday, October 28th. On the 27th (Tuesday) the day before, the special program “Mai Shiraishi Graduation Special Program-How to spend time until goodbye-” (ABEMA SPECIAL 2 channel) was broadcast, and a quiz tournament related to Shiraishi was held and talked with the members in earnest. We delivered 2 hours of “Mai Shiraishi exhausted” to the fans.

Of particular interest was the “Shiraishi Taxi,” a project in which Shiraishi dressed as a driver and talked with the members while driving. In a conversation with Kazumi Takayama and Sayuri Matsumura, Shiraishi looked back on the past and said, “I’ve felt like” let’s quit “or” maybe it’s impossible “on the way, but there are members. I wonder if it was big. “” I had a lot of hardships, but we all got over it, so I wonder if I could do my best. “

Also, for Haruka Kaki and Seira Hayakawa, “I sometimes thought it was impossible,” “I like the members, so I did my best because I was with everyone.” “I supported each other with the members.” Shiraishi expressed his gratitude to the members every time, saying, “I wonder if that is the reason why it has been continued.” I mentioned Shiroishi’s personality, which is loved by everyone, in the last week’s issue of this column, but on the contrary, she herself loved the members as well.

At the end of the program, there were conversations such as “(Nogizaka46) never feels squeaky” (Matsu Akimoto) and “It’s a good thing about Nogizaka, everyone can get along with each other regardless of seniors or juniors” (Shiraishi). Perhaps one of the major reasons why such a compassionate group was built and continues to this day is that Shiraishi was at the center of the circle.

By the way, the final episode of “Nogizaka46” (Nippon TV), which is the existence that should be responsible for Nogizaka46 after graduating from Shiraishi, was a big success for the 4th generation students on October 26th (Monday). The result of the “1st Character Demy Award”, which decides the most popular character by viewer voting from the characters that have colored the program so far, was announced, and the first place was “Naughty” played by Haruka Kaki. No character! “

All the members made a fuss about the crown of the supporting character. For a while, Kaki was complaining about being called “not”, but the viewers were watching her hard work! I felt that it was an encouraging ending for the members themselves. Personally, even when “mysterious waitress Hayashi-san” (Rina Hayashi) was ranked in 18th place, she said, “As expected, Nogizaka46 fans often watch!”

And it has been announced that the 2nd season of “Nogizaka Skitz” will start on November 9th (Monday), and that 3rd gen members will participate in addition to the 4th gen members. Speaking of the 3rd generation, the generation where the talented members meet in a row. I can’t help but expect what kind of Tale you will see!

The story changes, and the special program “I love you!” Looking back on the history of Hinatazaka46. Hinatazaka46 ~ Entertainment World Ohisama Plan & Live Video Collection SP ~ ”(Hikari TV Channel) # 1 will be broadcast on November 1st (Sun).

It was an unprecedented type of program in which famous entertainers such as Un-Jash, Kazuya Kojima, Nyanko Star, and the mayor of Angora challenged the quiz about Hinatazaka46, but what left an impression on me was the sub of the first half of the program. Shiho Kato who served as MC. I mercilessly squeezed and put in a slapstick to my seniors in the entertainment world, and when I thought about it, I was deeply moved by the questioner’s side when I saw the video of the Keyakizaka46 era and cried. Such a place was strangely human-like and I liked it very much.

In addition, plenty of past live images are broadcast in the program, and there are scenes where members make memories bloom. I think it was valuable to know what kind of feelings they had for their performance in the early days such as “Hiragana Keyaki Nippon Budokan 3DAYS !!” (2018) as of 2020. By the way, the sequel # 2 will be broadcast on Sunday, December 6th. Must-see for Ohisama (= Hinatazaka46 fans)!

▽ This week’s “Idol program Extremely private TV section”
[November 2nd (Monday) -November 8th (Sunday)]
Introducing this week’s OA program that writer Sato personally wants to check, along with brief content.

◆ November 6th (Friday)
“Last Idol, nice to meet you! 』
TV Asahi / Every Friday 25: 20 ~ / Cast: Last Idol
“Nanbitomo” performance video released at Todoroki Arena in Kawasaki City

◆ November 8th (Sun)
“TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL Online 2020 Adhesion !! Special Documentary”
CS Fuji TV NEXT / 23: 00 ~
Special broadcast of a special documentary closely related to the reality of TIF idols

◆ November 8th (Sun)
“Nogizaka under construction”
TV TOKYO / Every Sunday 24: 00- / Cast: Nogizaka46
“Self-analysis quiz”. Can other members guess their own strengths and weaknesses?

◆ November 8th (Sun)
“If you turn there, Sakurazaka? 』
TV TOKYO / Every Sunday 24: 35 ~ / Cast: Sakurazaka46
“Let’s make the new center Hikaru Morita shine more !!”.Yui Takemoto & Rina Matsuda introduce Morita

◆ November 8th (Sun)
“Let’s meet at Hinatazaka”
TV TOKYO / Every Sunday 25: 05- / Cast: Hinatazaka46
“Let’s bring out the real face of the 3rd generation!” The second half. 1st & 2nd & Audrey Kasuga also participated as a starter