President Trump’s wrongdoing in the postal vote

President Trump’s Wrongdoing in the Postal Poll November 2, 18:51

With voting day approaching on March 3, both President Trump and Mr. Biden made every effort to dig up votes in the final stages. President Trump, on the other hand, said he would “prepare a lawyer as soon as the election is over” and indicated that he would not resign over a postal vote claiming fraud was happening.
In the U.S. presidential election, voting will begin on the third night of Japan time, and votes will be held on the 4th.

On the last Sunday, President Trump went around five states, complaining at a rally in the southern state of Florida around 0 a.m. that “if you win in Florida, you can win the election.”

In response, Mr Biden held rallies in two locations in eastern Pennsylvania, where he said, “In the last election, Pennsylvania had only 44,000 votes. One vote is important. The power to transform this country is in your hands.”

In this election, it is estimated that in various surveys, early voting exceeds 93 million votes, nearly 70% of the total number of votes in the previous election, and more than half of them use postal voting.

There are estimates that Democratic supporters are more active in the postal vote, and While Mr. Biden has insisted that it should be accepted if the postmark is in time after the third voting day, there have also been lawsuits claiming that President Trump should close on the voting day.

Against this situation, the American news site Axios said, according to a person close to President Trump, that the president unilaterally declared victory even before the election was known, and that he was preparing a lawsuit claiming that the tally of votes received after the voting day was fraudulent.

While President Trump denied the victory declaration to reporters, he said it would be “terrible to accept ballots for days after the voting day” and said, “As soon as the election is over, we will have a lawyer,” and he indicated that he would not resign over a postal vote claiming fraud was happening, and there were concerns about post-election confusion.

At President Trump’s rally

One night, president Trump’s rally in Miami, Florida, was a long line of supporters to enter the venue from day to day.

The woman, who is the fourth to attend President Trump’s rally, said, “The economy is more important than anything else. President Trump has raised stock prices by turning the economy up. I’m sure he’ll win in Florida and be re-elected.”

A man who immigrated from Cuba said, “With Mr. Biden and the Democratic Party moving america toward socialism, our only hope is President Trump.”