Shizuoka Railway Issues Coupons to Disperse Passengers Expands Discounts By The Time You Spend

Shizuoka Railway Issues Coupons to Disperse Passengers November 2, 2:27 p.m.

Shizuoka Railway Co., Ltd., which operates in Shizuoka City, started a new service on february 2 to issue coupons that allow customers to receive discounts at shops along the line when they go to the station during a free time period in order to encourage the dispersation of passengers in order to prevent infection.

The new service was introduced by Shizuoka Railway in collaboration with the city, the country, and system equipment manufacturers in Tokyo with the aim of preventing infection and improving convenience.

Sensor cameras are installed at five major stations to inform users of the congestion situation of the home determined by AI in four stages from “sitting in a seat” to “crowded” through a smartphone app.

When customers go to the station at the time they are lying and read the QR code of the display installed on the platform, a coupon is issued that allows them to receive discounts at approximately 80 stores along the line, there is a mechanism to promote the dispersion of passengers.

At Shin-Shizuoka Station on the morning of the 2nd, the commuter rush around 8 o’clock was displayed as “the degree to which the shoulder touches each other”, but at 8:30 it switched to “the degree to which it stands comfortably” and “I can sit in the seat” at 9 o’clock, and each time, the coupon that can be obtained was switched to the one with a large discount range.

Takenori Iwamoto, manager of Shizuoka Railway, said, “I would like you to take the train slowly and with peace of mind by going to work 15 minutes early or shifting the return time.”

This service will run until the 25th of next month, and Shizuoka Railway will analyze the data and consider full-scale introduction.