Takumi Kitamura selected as “face of next year”! Expected to make a big break, “I will do my best”

Actor Takumi Kitamura was selected as the “face of next year” by the magazine “Nikkei Trendy” (Nikkei BP), and was held in Tokyo on the 3rd, “Best 30 hit products in 2020” and “30 hit predictions in 2021”. I attended the preliminary presentation. Kitamura Takumi Kitamura is active both as a member of DISH // and as an actor. “The work of the actor is that the one I’m shooting now will be released next year, and there is a part that I’m always working on in anticipation of one year ahead, so this year’s efforts will lead to next year. I would like to carry on with such expectations and continue to work next year. ” When the moderator said, “The selected person will almost certainly have a big break the following year,” said Hiromi Mitani, the editor-in-chief, “That’s right. Please look forward to it.” Kitamura tightened his mind, saying, “I will do my best.” Minami Tanaka, a freelance announcer who was selected as the “face of the year”, also attended the recital.