The best panchira shot released that is too bold on “Tights Day”

On the 2nd (Monday), Twitter was updated. On “Tights Day”, he showed off a uniform shot with plenty of fetishism.

[Photo]Eyes are nailed to a bold panchira, and the best tights shot of Ama Clog

Amatsu-sama, who works as a “2.5-dimensional model” with a look and style that is too perfect and does not know if it actually exists. Boasting 580,000 Twitter followers, the 2nd photo book “Utsusemi” (Akita Shoten) will be released on November 27th, and it is expected to be more and more active.

Amatsu unveiled her uniform wearing black tights on November 2nd, which is “Tights Day”. The shot is full of fetish, as the lingerie can be seen through the tights.

On the internet, this post received acclaimed comments such as “I feel like I’m looking at something I shouldn’t see,” “Black tights in uniform, the best combination!” And “Marin’s black tights.”

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