Corona Virus to Dispatch Experts to Hokkaido for Mass Infection

Corona Virus to dispatch experts to Hokkaido for outbreak November 4, 10:41

Regarding the response to the new coronavirus, Health, Labour and Welfare Minister Tamura indicated his idea of dispatching experts to Hokkaido to help identify the route of infection in response to a series of outbreaks of infected people.
In Hokkaido, the number of confirmed infections of the new coronavirus has been more than 60 people for five days in a a time by the 3rd, and a series of outbreaks of infected people have occurred.

After the Cabinet meeting, Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Tamura made it clear to reporters that he had dispatched two experts from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s Cluster Countermeasures Group to the site on March 3 at the request of the Hokkaido Cabinet, and indicated his intention to provide assistance to identify the route of infection and prevent the spread of the infection.

On that basis, Minister Tamura said, “The number of infected people is increasing slightly nationwide. It may be colder and harder to wash your hands with ventilation or cold water, but it is important to continue the preventive measures you have taken so far, such as wearing a mask and avoiding 3 tightness.”