Nuclear Terrorism Countermeasure Facility “Trouble Information Disclosure After Restoration” Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Nuclear power plant anti-terrorism facility “Trouble information is released after restoration” Nuclear Regulatory Commission November 4, 17:49 Kyushu Electric Power’s first backup facility in Japan to ensure safety when a nuclear power plant is attacked by terrorism The nuclear power plant is expected to be completed this month, but the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has decided not to announce any troubles at this facility until it is restored in principle from the viewpoint of anti-terrorism measures. Experts point out that if you can’t get information about the trouble at the nuclear power plant, you need to explain the reason carefully. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission obliges the establishment of a “specific serious accident response facility” equipped with backup equipment such as a control room and a generator in the event of a terrorist attack or a serious accident caused by a disaster. This month, Kyushu Electric Power’s Kawauchi Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1 is expected to complete this facility for the first time in Japan.

On the 4th, the Regulatory Commission discussed the disclosure policy in case of trouble at the facility, and in principle, it will not announce until the restoration is completed, detailed information will not be included, and it will lead to the shutdown of the reactor. We will promptly announce any troubles, but decided to refrain from details.

Normally, the trouble information of the nuclear power plant is released promptly, but this facility is intended to avoid the risk of terrorists knowing the details.

Professor Tatsuhiro Kamisato of Chiba University, who is familiar with the relationship between science and society, said, “The risk of nuclear power plants is not limited to terrorism. Information is needed so that safety measures can be widely discussed. When the government and electric power companies cannot provide trouble information. Is responsible for politely explaining the reason. ”

Chairman of the Nuclear Regulation Authority “Difficult to balance and continuously consider”

In principle, if there is a problem at the nuclear power plant’s anti-terrorism facility, it will not be announced until it is restored, said Toyoshi Fuketa, chairman of the Nuclear Regulation Authority. While I want to communicate, I want to avoid communicating my weaknesses to terrorists. I think that anti-terrorism facilities are a difficult problem that both have a trade-off, and I can’t help it. “

After that, he said, “I have organized the current information disclosure policy, so I would like to continue to consider how we can continue to disseminate similar information without stopping thinking here.”