NY Stock Market Mr Biden’s Dominance At One Time 700 Dollars High On Dow Average

NY stock market Mr Biden’s dominance at one-time high of 700 U.S. dollars The Dow averaged November 4 at 6:33 a.m.

New York’s stock market rose sharply on Wednesday, with buy orders gathering on a wide range of stocks, with the Dow rising more than 700 dollars at one point because of speculation that Mr. Biden, a Democrat, was dominant in the U.S. presidential election. In the market, in addition to Mr. Biden’s dominance, there are expectations that large-scale economic measures will be implemented if the DPJ has a majority in both the upper and lower houses.

The Closing Price of the New York Stock Market Dow on March 3 was 554.98 cents higher than the previous day, at 27480 U.S. dollars and 3 cents.

The price increase was significant since July.

In the market, in addition to the view that Mr. Biden of the Democratic Party of Japan is predominant from prior opinion polls, the price increase on this day temporarily exceeded 700 dollars, assuming that if the Democratic Party of Japan occupies a majority in the upper and lower House elections held on the same day, large-scale economic measures can be expected to rebuild the economy.

In addition, stock prices have risen significantly from a similar perspective in the European market prior to this.

Market participants said, “While stock prices rose, long-term interest rates rose to five-month highs, a move that factored in Mr Biden’s dominance. However, there are many elements of anxiety, such as whether the voting process, which will be in full swing after this, will proceed smoothly with the so-called “speculation buying.”