Yo Oizumi and Yuichi Fukuda’s work is “close to” How Do You Like Wednesday “” with an unprecedented happening

A press conference on the completion of the movie “New Interpretation: Sangokushi” (released on December 11) was held in Tokyo on the 4th, and Yo Oizumi and Tsuyoshi Muro appeared. From the left, Tsuyoshi Muro and Yo Oizumi are set in the era of China and the Eastern Han in about 200 AD, and are a compilation of the historical facts that Wei, Wu, and 蜀 were divided into groups over China’s hegemony. Is a historical entertainment work that draws with a new interpretation. Oizumi plays Liu Bei Gentoku, the warlord of “Xun Yu”, Zhuge Liang Komei of Team Xiahou Dun, Guan Yu is Hashimoto, Zhang Fei is Tsutomu Takahashi, Lu Bu is Takayuki Yamada, Lu Bu is Yu Shirota, and Dong Zhuo is Jiro Sato. , Team wife Huang is Mrs. Hashimoto, Kotaka is Yamamoto Mizuki, Team Mai Zhao Yun is Takenori Iwata, Diaochan is Naomi Watanabe, Team Wei’s Cao is Shun Oguri, Xun Yu is Yuto Isomura, Xiahou Dun is Abe Played by Shinnosuke. In director Yuichi Fukuda, Oizumi was written with the interpretation of “Much sloppy Liu Bei,” and Muro was written with the interpretation of “I can’t do anything, but I can grow by relying on the wisdom and personal connections of those who can.” The script didn’t arrive because it took a long time, but Oizumi smiled with a bitter smile, saying, “The script finally came and I thought,’I wish I had done this the day before.’ In this work, which is full of ad libs, Oizumi admired, “I think it’s amazing because I speak twice as much even after the dialogue is over.” “I don’t know why it’s better than the movie, but as I’m doing it, it feels more like” How Do You Like Wednesday “. I think it’s closer to” How Do You Like Wednesday “. Said in Oizumi Bushi. Muro, a regular at Fukuda Corp., said, “I think you had a sense of relatives with Yo Oizumi for the first time. Once, I forgot to put a circle on the scene where Yo Oizumi should appear on the incense board. If there is no circle, Mr. Hiroshi does not come to the scene, but I will shoot the scene, Mr. Hiroshi was supposed to be on holiday … Because he was called from Tokyo. The staff apologized. ” Oizumi said with a bitter smile, “It’s unheard of to forget to circle the starring. It started with the starring first, so why not circle it there?” “Usually it’s a pretty bad incident, and the scene is tingling. I’m making it, but when I came, the director burst into laughter, saying, “I’m coming, I’m coming.” Thanks to that, I’m glad I met Kanna Hashimoto. ” I was delighted to meet Hashimoto, who should not have been there. Oizumi also said, “To be honest, I wanted to appear in” Kingdom “.” “If it was the protagonist of’Kingdom’. Because I’m with the producer. I’m telling you to put it out for’Kingdom’, but I’m not here now. I was told that there is no role.” Talked to.