Encouragement email from Yuka Sugai and Mai Shiraishi “Give me words of support”

Yuka Sugai of the idol group Sakurazaka46 will be broadcasting live on October 28th in the cultural broadcast “Recommen!” (Every Monday-Thursday 22: 00-25: 00). He talked about Mai Shiraishi, who graduated from 46. Mai Shiraishi said, “When I saw the recruitment of the Sakamichi Group because of Mr. Shiraishi, I was happy to be a junior, so I was very happy when I actually met him for the first time.” I remembered it. And after the graduation live, Sugai contacted Shiraishi by email. Shiraishi replied, “I’m a captain, and there may be a lot of difficulties, but it’s always amazing to see it. I always thought that Sugai-chan’s straight eyes were really nice and cool.” It is said that it arrived. Sugai said, “I’m sure I’ve been busy with contacts from various people, and I thought I didn’t mind the reply, but he gave me a lot of warm words.” He said, “I’m looking forward to Sakurazaka.” I was really happy to hear the words. I really liked it. ” The program can be listened to on radiko within one week after broadcasting (only for Premier members outside the area).