JO1 Issei Mamehara enthusiastically performed a deadly rescue member “It’s difficult to act after all”

Issei Mamehara of the global boy group JO1 will appear in a reenactment drama on the NTV variety show “THE Breakthrough File” (every Thursday from 19:00), which will be broadcast today. Issei Mamehara of JO1 = Provided by NTV Mamehara will appear in “Sink the radio tower fire that the water can’t reach!”. A deadly rescue worker who extinguishes a fire on a radio tower that seemed impossible is performed enthusiastically. If you do not extinguish the fire as soon as possible, it will cause a big accident involving people in the city. What is the surprising breakthrough that the rescue team took? After shooting, Mamehara commented with a smile, “It was a lot of fun! But I felt it was difficult to act again. I want to try it again!” At the shooting site, in order to realistically reproduce the actual fire fighting activity, he said, “I had a pain in my hand when climbing a high radio tower, so I taped my hand and put gloves on it.” There was also a scene. At that time, Yuki Hirako (Arco & Peace) and Shupei (Pekopa), who co-starred, said to me about waiting time, etc. The tension has eased! “, And it seems that he was able to complete a true breakthrough drama that was sweating in his hands with solid team play even outside the screen.