“KinKi Kids Tour Selection” ranked first in history by new viewers on the first day of Amazon

The 13 video titles “KinKi Kids Tour Selection”, which has been exclusively distributed on Amazon Prime Video since October 30, won the number one spot in the number of new Prime Video viewers on the first day. KinKi Kids (from left: Tsuyoshi Domoto, Koichi Domoto) This record is the most prime video content that prime member users will watch for the first time on the first day of distribution since Amazon launched the prime video service in Japan in 2015. It indicates that the work has been viewed. “KinKi Kids Tour Selection” is the Nippon Budokan of the arena tour “We are KinKi Kids Live Tour 2016 ~ TSUYOSHI & KOICHI ~” which was held at the beginning of the 20th year of debut, which has not been visualized on DVD or Blu-ray until now. A total of 13 works, including KinKi Kids live performances and solo live performances by Koichi and Tsuyoshi. The new commercial “Stretch”, which started broadcasting on the same day and shows the daily life of KinKi Kids, has also become a hot topic.