“Net auction”

“Net auction” November 5th, 19:54 In recent years, there are many enthusiasts overseas. This auction has been canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but there are aquaculture companies who are trying to overcome such a predicament with a new attempt. Nishikigoi aquaculture company in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
Approximately 50 kinds of koi are grown in various colors, patterns and sizes. This company deals about 300 million yen a year and boasts the largest shipment volume in Kyushu. It is highly evaluated from overseas, and about 90% of shipments are from foreign buyers from Europe and Southeast Asia.

Every October is a growing and awesome shipping season. Every year, buyers from overseas made a successful bid by looking at the carp, checking the color and shape, and making a successful bid. However, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, foreign buyers could not come to Japan and the auction was canceled.

I want to sell the carp that I have grown by hand salting. It was an online auction that the president, Manabu Ogata, hoped for. Even if you can’t show the carp directly, we have devised a way to convey various information so that you can see it closer to the actual thing.
It’s not just about measuring the size of each animal accurately. Swim the carp straight and take a picture so that you can see the pattern and luster. The video was shot by Mr. Ogata, the president himself.President Ogata Manabu
“It’s basic to take a beautiful picture and let the customer see the beautiful state. It’s the same as the matchmaking photo.” This is the completed auction site. The number of stars indicates the quality of the carp and the difference in body shape. We have devised ways to make it possible for foreigners to see the difference in quality at a glance.

And the first day of the auction. Immediately after the start, bids were received from 17 countries and regions such as Canada and Singapore. Only one hour after the start, the total bid is 6 million yen. Mr. Ogata felt a response to the future use of the Internet.President Ogata Manabu
“I’m glad that everyone’s reaction was good. It’s a sales method that adapts to various situations, always thinking about it, it’s convenient for customers, it’s convenient for us. I think we will gradually move in that direction. “

The highest price in this auction was the “Showa” variety, and the bid price was 1.3 million yen.