U.S. presidential president Biden “believes he will be a winner”

U.S. Presidential Election Biden “Believes to Be a Winner” November 5 at 8:51 AM

Mr Biden, a Democrat, told a news conference around 6 a.m. Japan time that he was not going to declare victory, but “it’s clear that we’re winning in the states we need to win 270 electors.”
He then stated that “all votes should be counted” and stressed that “we believe we will be the winners.”
He also said, “I understand how deep-rooted and confrontational they are with the opposing camp and its supporters on various things,” and then said, “They are not enemies. The power to draw them and us is greater than the power to pull us apart,” he said, appealing to govern the country not only for Democratic supporters but also for all American presidents.

Biden’s camp HP “Win when the tally of votes is over”

While President Trump has insisted that the tally be stopped as “serious misconduct” over the continued tallying process, such as postal voting, the Camp of former Democratic Vice President Biden posted a message on the campaign’s website that “when all votes have been compiled, Mr. Biden will be america’s next president” and that the votes will be counted. Mr. Biden stressed that he would win.