What is the nomination for this new word and buzzword grand prize?

What is the nomination for this new word and buzzword grand prize? November 5, 14:57

More than half of the 30 words that were candidates for this year’s “New Words and Popular Words Award” were announced, and more than half of the words related to the new coronavirus were announced, such as “New Way of Life/New Normal”, “Cluster” and “Three Dense (Three Dense)”.
The “New Words and Popular Words Grand Prize” is an award that selects words representative of the year from among the events, remarks, and fashions that have become a hot topic during the year, and on the 5th, 30 words that are candidates for this year were announced.

More than half of these words are related to the new coronavirus, including measures to prevent the spread of the virus.
“New Way of Life/New Normal”
“Home Time/Stay Home”
“Social Distance”
“Three dense (three dense)” etc. are chosen.

In addition, “Cluster”, “Dense Contact Person” and “PCR Inspection” were nominated, and “Abenomask” and “GoTo Campaign” related to government measures, as well as “Online O” and “Self-exclusion Police” representing the social phase of coronats were also selected.

Words related to social phenomena and current affairs
“The Blade of Demon Destruction” became a hot topic even when the box office revenue of the movie topped 10 billion yen at the fastest ever,
Prime Minister Naoto Kan stated that he had not appointed six potential members recommended by the Science Council of Japan.
The BLM (BlackLivesMatter) movement, which has spread in the wake of the death of a black man arrested by a white police officer, has been selected to campaign to eradicate racial discrimination.

As for the word about the world and the fashion,
“Atsmori” which stands for the popular game “Atsumi Animal Forest”,
Popular comedy talent “Fuwa-chan”,
The comedy duo “Pecopa” was decided, and “Let’s return time” etc. were chosen.

As for this trend, the selection committee analyzes that “all nominated words have appeared in new words that may be related to the new coronavirus, and the words that exist so far have been used in a unique way.”

The Top 10 New Words and Popular Words Awards will be announced on December 1.

The following 30 words were nominated for the “New Words and Popular Words Grand Prize” this year. (in alphabetical order)

The 4th Korean Boom

New Way of Life/New Normal
Atsushi Atsumori


Uber Eats
Beyond AI
Essential Workers
Ouchi Time/Stay Home
Zhao Zhao Yingei /Give Back
The Blade of demon annihilation

GoTo Campaign
3 Dense (Three Secrets)
Self-exclusion police
Zoom Shine

Comprehensive and comprehensive
Social Distance
Solo Camps
Back in time (Pekopa)
NiziU (Nizhu)
A thick contact person

BlackLivesMatter (BLM) movement
PCR test
Zhao Huwa-chan
Oh, my God.

What’s the annual grand prize so far?

The “New Words and Popular Words Grand Prize” selects words that express the world from among the events, remarks, and fashions that became a topic of conversation that year. The annual grand prize has been announced since 1984 and the eighth in 1991.
The annual grand prize up to last year is as follows:

1991 “Wouldn’t you like to see me?”
1992 “Kinsun-Gi-san”
1993 “J.League”
1994 “There was a singing”

1995 “Nonpartis interested”, “NOMO”, “Good luck KOBE”
1996 “I want to praise myself”, “The logic of fymothai/exclusion”, “Make Drama”
1997 “Paradise Lost”
1998 “The Great Genie of Hama”, “Ordinary People, Soldiers, And Weird people” “Detchu no”
1999 “Weed Soul”, “Butchhon” and “Revenge”
2000 “Oha” and “IT Revolution”
2001 “Hundred U.S. dollars / Reform without sanctuary / Don’t be afraid to be caught without fear / Boneta policy / Wide Show Cabinet / “Pain” of reform”

“Tama-chan” and “World Cup (Nakatsue Village)” in 2002
2003 “Poison Manju”, “Why?” “Manifest”
2004 “Cho feels good”
2005 “Koizumi Theater” and “Expected (Outside)”

2006 “Inabauer” and “Dignity”
2007 “(Miyazaki) Dogenkasen and Ikan” “Prince Hanikami”
“Arafo” and “Gu” in 2008 」
“Change of government” in 2009
2010 “Gegege no”
“Nadeshiko Japan” in 2011
2012 “Wild, Isn’t It?”

2013 “Now! “Oh, my God, I’m going to do it,” “I’m going to double it,” “I’m going to double it back.”
2014″No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
2015 “Explosive Buy” and “Triple Three”
“God Is” in 2016
2017 “Insta Shine” and “Likelihood”
“Sonedo” in 2018
“ONE TEAM” in 2019