“Almost fluffy hips” Mea Shimotsuki, hip-emphasized cuts in neo-gal style released

Mea Shimotsuki, who belongs to Zeroichi Familia, updated Twitter on Wednesday, 4th. We released an off-shot that emphasized the hips.

[Photo]Mea Shimotsuki, a neo-gal and a high-leg swimsuit that became a hot topic as “almost fluffy”

With over 120,000 followers, Mea Shimotsuki is nicknamed “Plump” because of her plump body. In addition to serving as a regular MC for the online game “League of Legends”, he is also active as a gamer such as the director of the Zeroichi game department.

On the 4th (Wednesday), Shimotsuki released two off-shots with a hashtag of “#Good buttocks day” and emphasized hips. On this day, various talents including gravure idols released back shots as “Good ass day”, but Shimotsuki is wearing a “neo gal” with bun hair that was talked about as “almost fluffy” and a highleg The beautiful butt cut of the one-piece swimsuit is released.

Fans who saw the post said, “The best day for me, my ass,” “I think my ass stands out because it’s properly constricted,” and “It’s a World Heritage Site.”

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