Award ceremony online for the “Japan Prize” given to educational-themed programs, etc.

Award ceremony online for “Japan Prize” given to educational programs, etc. November 6, 05:52

The award ceremony for the Japan Prize, which was presented to excellent programs around the world on the theme of education, was held online with the participation of Princess Akishino’s Noriko, and a documentary produced by a Finnish company was selected as the best work.
For the 47th time in an international competition hosted by NHK, including educational-themed programs and video works, 282 works from 55 countries and regions were received, and an award ceremony was held online on the evening of May 5.

In this interview, Princess Noriko said, “The role of works that use images and sounds to help students learn, bring diverse perspectives, and support mental and physical health has never been more important, and I feel that your expectations for the creation of your work are increasing.”

The “Grand Prix Japan Prize” for the best work was selected for the documentary film “Angels of the City of Terror: The Diary of Six-Year-Olds in Brussels” by the Finnish production company Zone 2 Pictures.

Set in the Belgian capital of Brussels, this film depicts the friendships of six-year-old children of different religions, asking questions such as violence as well as religious and cultural conflicts in multi-ethnic societies.

In addition, the top prize for the general public category was “This Is Not a Movie: Telling the Truth,” a documentary by Canadian and German production companies that addressed a British journalist who has been based in conflict areas in the Middle East and has been telling the misery of war for more than 40 years.

The award ceremony will be broadcast on NHK’s E-Tele next month.