“Ninety-nine” 2 people together program event! Ticket advance reception start

As a program event of Nippon Broadcasting System “Ninety Nine’s All Night Nippon” (every Thursday from 25:00), where Takashi Okamura and Hiroyuki Yabe of the laughing combination Ninety Nine serve as personalities, “Ninety Nine’s” will be held at Yokohama Arena on January 17th next year. The fastest advance reception of the ticket program for “All Night Nippon in Yokohama Arena” started at midnight on the 5th. Ninety-nine Hiroyuki Yabe and Takashi Okamura The event is a program event of “Ninety-nine’s All Night Nippon” that was revived in May this year by Hiroyuki Yabe’s return to electric shock. This event is a special event that can be held only because of Ninety-nine’s “two people”, and we are planning a lot of contents that program listeners will unintentionally grin, such as plans, talks, songs, guests related to the program, etc. It is. Takashi Okamura’s marriage was announced on the midnight broadcast on October 22nd, but as Okamura said, “I wanted to announce it to the listeners first,” Ninety-nine has always been close to the listeners. And the same program. This will be the first event in which the two will meet the listeners of the program after the announcement of Okamura’s marriage. The fastest advance ticket reception for this event will start on November 5th at midnight (until 23:59 on November 13th). As a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, the event will be held with a limited audience capacity, so it seems inevitable that platinum tickets will be used. In addition, the program event with Ninety-nine “Futari” will be the first in seven years since the program book release commemorative event in 2014. In addition, this event, which will be held in Corona, will be live-streamed at the same time. We will deliver the enthusiasm of Yokohama Arena to program listeners nationwide who have difficulty coming to the venue.