Yui Kohinata, flirting with a boy student in the classroom “It’s a secret to anyone …”

A gravure VR video featuring Yui Kohinata, a gravure idol, “A world where you want to become an adult quickly by touching Yui Kohinata’s body. ]And “The heart and body where the feelings for Yui Kohinata reach and overlap, such a world. (Produced by FANTASTICA) has started distribution on the VR video distribution service PICMO VR. Yui Kohinata Kohinata is a gravure idol who is gaining popularity as she appears in the gravure of manga magazines such as “Weekly Playboy” and “Weekly Young Jump”. He is also active as a DJ, and is active in multiple fields. Released this time, “A world where you want to touch the body of Yui Kohinata and become an adult quickly. ]When a boy student was playing hide-and-seek in the classroom after school, a longing teacher (Kohinata) came around the classroom, and because the inside of the teacher’s skirt was glimmering, he leaned forward and was hiding. When the teacher noticed, he took off his clothes and said, “It’s a secret to anyone …” and the story unfolds. “The world where the feelings for Yui Kohinata reach and overlap, such as the heart and body. ]Set in a cabaret club, Kohinata, who became bold in an empty space, strips off her sexy cheongsam, shows her chest flickering, and shows off her sexy maid outfit.