Apga (provisional) 5 people system “Sorahareruya!” Which was unveiled for the first time at the last Hibiya Noon. !! ]MV released[Video]

From the 6th album “6th Album (Tentative)” released by Up Up Girls (Kakko) on November 10th (Tuesday), “Sora Hallelujah! !! 』MV will be released on Youtube as a premium from 19:30 today.

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“Sora Hallelujah! !! Was premiered at the last live “Up Up Girls (Kakko) ENDLESS SUMMER” at the Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall on September 26th. This MV contains the pattern of the live debut. Also, in the houseboat scene, the appearance of having fun with the members of Up Up Girls (2) and Up Up Girls (Pro Wrestling) of the sister group of Apga (provisional) is impressively finished.

Furthermore, “Up Up Girls (Kakko) meets DJ KURO-OBI 6th Album (Tentative) Release Live” was held at Zher the ZOO YOYOGI from 20:00 on November 8th (Sun) tomorrow on October 25th (Sun). Will be released in full premium on the official YouTube channel.

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