EU sanctions against Belarusian presidents and other officials “to suppress citizens who complain of election fraud”

EU sanctions against Belarusian presidents and other officials to suppress citizens who sue for wrongdoing elections November 7 at 7:20 a.m.

The EU-European Union is stepping up pressure on Belarusian President Lukashenko to impose asset freezes and other sanctions, accusing them of wrongdoing in the presidential election and repressing civilians who continue to protest.
In Belarus, there have been on-call for the resignation of President Lukashenko for fraud in August’s presidential election, but President Lukashenko has refused to step down and has been under mass crackdown, including detaining anti-government officials and citizens.

In response, the EU announced on June 6 that it would impose sanctions on a total of 15 people, including President Lukashenko himself and his eldest son, who is a senior administration official, including asset freezes and travel bans within the EU.

The EU has imposed the same sanctions on more than 40 people, including senior administration officials, but this is the first time it has included the president himself and has increased pressure.

In response, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry told the media that it “would not be forced to respond” and made it clear that it was considering countermeasures.

In Belarus, with President Lukashenko gaining Russia’s backing and maintaining a hard-line stance, the nationwide strikes called by anti-regime factions since late last month have not spread.