Fukushima elementary school evacuated due to the nuclear accident The last athletic meet before school closure with one child

Fukushima Elementary School Evacuated by the Nuclear Accident The last athletic meet before the school was closed by one child November 7, 20:11 After the nuclear accident, an elementary school in Namie Town, Fukushima Prefecture, where classes are held at the temporary school building at the evacuation site The last athletic meet was held on the 7th, before the school was closed next year. Tsushima Elementary School in Namie Town has been conducting classes at a temporary school building in Nihonmatsu City, where it was evacuated after the nuclear accident nine years ago, but the number of children has decreased to one in sixth grade, and the school will be closed after graduation next year. It has been decided.

On the 7th, the last athletic meet was held before the school was closed, and about 60 people including children, faculty and staff, graduates, residents of Namie Town and Nihonmatsu City gathered.

At the athletic meet, a competition called “Ohori Soma Yaki no Rokuro-maki”, which was created by children after the traditional culture of Namie Town, was held, and two people carried a long stick and ran around a color cone to compete for its speed. Was there.

At the end, children and adults participated in the relay, and all of them sprinted while connecting the batons.

Cheers echoed in the school building, and the athletic meet was very lively.

Only one child, Yoshito Sudo, a sixth grader, said, “The competition went well and I got a perfect score of 100. I’m glad and grateful that various people came to the athletic meet.” Was there.

A man in his 70s who evacuated from Namie Town to Nihonmatsu City and participated in the athletic meet said, “I was happy to be able to participate in the last athletic meet. I would like to help with events so that I can liven up my school life until graduation. That’s it. ”