Movie release starring Kentaro Ito Thanks to Director Hitomi Kuroki “Please take a look …”

A public commemorative stage greeting for the movie “The Devil in Twelve Single Clothes” starring Kentaro Ito, who was arrested on the 29th of last month on suspicion of hit-and-run and released on the 30th, was held in Tokyo on the 7th and directed. Ayaka Miyoshi, Ryouta Murai, and Takashi Sasano took the stage, including Hitomi Kuroki. Director Hitomi Kuroki Director Kuroki said, “Yesterday, we celebrated the first day on November 6th. Thank you to everyone in Japan who saw this work, and to everyone who just saw it.” “I was able to complete the work with the support of all the staff and the performers. The movie is something that the customer grows after that. So, thank you for watching the movie today. Thank you! ” This work is based on the feature-length novel “The Devil Genji Monogatari Ibun in Twelve Single Clothes” by screenwriter and novelist Makiko Uchidate. It is a story that a negative male part-time worker, Rai (Kentaro Ito), who lost confidence, slips back in time into the world of “The Tale of Genji” and gradually changes depending on the woman Kokiden no Nyomi (Ayaka Miyoshi) who meets there. After Ito’s arrest, on the official website of the same work, “For several days after being arrested, while checking the facts, we have been discussing the release of this work with related parties, but yesterday evening on October 30th. We would like to report here that we will be releasing it at theaters nationwide from November 6th as scheduled in response to the release. ”