Nogizaka46 Asuka Saito, my boom confession also “I do not carry it at all (laugh)”

Asuka Saito of Nogizaka46, an idol group, appeared with Mizuki Yamashita, Shiori Kubo, and Haruka Kaki at “SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE FESTIVAL 2020 Produced by anan” held at Shibuya Stream Hall in Tokyo on the 7th. .. The same event commemorating the 50th anniversary of Nogizaka46’s Asuka Saito anan. The four members of Nogizaka46 appeared on the stage entitled “Women’s Trendy Things! ’20 Autumn Nogizaka46 My Boom Directory” in a fashion that incorporates trendy items in the fall and winter of 2020. Each announced their own boom, and Saito said that it was a compact film camera “CONTAX T3”. “I’ve always wanted a film camera, so I asked a good cameraman for a recommended camera, and I actually went to a camera shop and it was the best for my hand, so I bought it right away,” he explained. And, “Honestly, I don’t carry it at all, but I think I should take it when I feel like it, and when I go abroad for work, I always bring it with me to capture a different landscape from Japan. I was taking pictures of the members who seemed to be having fun with me, “he said, and laughed,” I’d like to carry it around a little more in the future. ” Hearing Saito’s my boom, Yamashita asked, “I want you to take a picture. Please take a lot.” Saito replied, “I don’t want to shoot when I say that,” but Yamashita was enthusiastic, saying, “Why !? I’ll always be a model.” Also, when asked about the plans he would like to do in the future with “anan,” Yamashita said, “I want to know Asuka Saito. I’m a secretive. I want you to spread the culture of Asuka Saito all over the world. Please, Mr. anan, “and proposed Saito’s project. He said that he didn’t know that the camera was my boom, and that he had never seen (the photos he took).