Nogizaka46 Shiori Kubo & Haruka Kaki stimulated from “Haikyu !!” “Sweat more …”

Shiori Kubo and Haruka Kaki of the idol group Nogizaka46 will appear at “SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE FESTIVAL 2020 Produced by anan” held at Shibuya Stream Hall in Tokyo on the 7th. He talked about the volleyball manga “Haikyu !!”. Nogizaka46’s Shiori Kubo and Haruka Kaki At the same event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first issue of anan, Asuka Saito, Mizuki Yamashita, Shiori Kubo, and Haruka Kaki of Nogizaka46 said, “Women’s fashionable things! ’20 Autumn Nogizaka46 My Appeared on the stage entitled “Boom Directory”. Each revealed my boom. Kubo revealed that he was addicted to “Haikyu !!” and explained, “I’ve been watching it all the time because the stage is my hometown of Miyagi prefecture.” “Volleyball is also a team game. We are also active in a group, so we just learn the words that resonate and that there is such a team play,” he said. Kaki also revealed, “I was watching too,” and said, “The heat of youth, or the bond that has only been for three years, has really come to my mind, and I wonder why I can’t get so hot. It’s getting hot. But when I see that I’m sweating and doing my best, I don’t think I’ll sweat more. ” Saito announced that “the film camera CONTAX T3, Yamashita’s” cat “, and Kaki’s” tofu “are my boom.