Corona Virus negative but life-risking other diseases more than 10% research group

Corona Virus negative but life-risking other diseases more than 10% Research Group November 8 4:38

I visited the National Center for International Medical Research on suspicion of the new coronavirus, and found that more than 10% of the hospitalized patients were not infected but had another life-risk disease. The center calls for detailed information on the symptoms of the disease, as it can be life-threatening even during the epidemic.
The National Center for International Medical Research, which plays a central role in the treatment of the new coronavirus, examined what kind of diagnosis the person who had been introduced by the public health center received in the month and a half until the end of April, when he had a fever of more than 37 degrees and 5 minutes and had questionable symptoms such as coughing.

Of the 1,470 people who visited the hospital, 84 were hospitalized at 5.7%, 45 of them were confirmed infected with the new coronavirus by PCR tests, and 39 were negative.

Pneumonia caused by bacteria was the most negative, but nine were hospitalized due to acute heart failure, septic shock, pneumonia caused by the infection of the AIDS virus, and about 11% of people who were hospitalized were not new coronaviruses, but were life-risk diseases when they were missed.

The research group says that even in the event of a new coronavirus outbreak, doctors need to see another disease in mind.

On top of that, Dr. Shinichiro Morioka, who compiled the research, said, “In particular, people with chronic illness should be aware of slight changes in their physical condition and communicate their symptoms in detail at the time of the visit.”