Giant Hayato Sakamoto achieved a total of 2000 hits, the 53rd player in history.

Giant Sakamoto Hayato achieved a total of 2000 hits, the 53rd player in history, November 8, 15:42

Professional baseball giant Hayato Sakamoto hit a two-base hit in the first at-bat of the game against Yakult at the Tokyo Dome on August 8, became the 53rd player in professional baseball history to hit a total of 2000 hits.
Sakamoto hit one hit in the game on the 7th to get one more hit and started the game against Yakult on the 8th at the Tokyo Dome.

In his first at-bat in the first inning, he hit a two-base hit from Yakult starting pitcher Suarez and hit a total of 2000 hits.

This is the 53rd hit in professional baseball history since Lotte’s Kazuya Fukuura achieved a total of 2000 hits in September.

He is also the second youngest player in history to achieve his goal at the age of 31 years and 10 months.

The Giants will be the sixth person to grow, after Tetsuji Kawakami, Honorary Director Shigeo Nagashima for life, Chairman of SoftBank’s Wang Yuji Baseball Team, Isao Shibata, and Army Coach Shinnosuke Abe.

Sakamoto “Relieved”

Sakamoto Hayato said, “It’s a relief. I wasn’t impatient, but I wanted to hit early, so I’m happy that I was able to score in the first at-bat. I really appreciate the coaches, coaches, teammates, team staff and fans who have supported me so far.”

The path to achieving 2000 hits

The Giants’ Hayato Sakamoto, who became the 53rd player in professional baseball history to hit a total of 2000 hits, is 31 years old in his 14th year.

Although I am from Hyogo Prefecture, I went to Kosei Gakuin in Aomori and now Hachinohe Gakuin Mitsuboshi, and participated in Koshien once in the Senbatu Tournament.

At a draft meeting held in 2006, Sakamoto joined the team for the second time because the Giants removed Dou kami Naonori, who competed in the first-place nomination, from the draw.

At the time of joining the team, coach HARA Yoshinori was the coach for the second term at the Giants, and he has been raising Sakamoto to play in all games since his second year.

In his third year, he hit a batting average of 30 percent for the first time, because he won the league for the third consecutive year and became Japan’s best driving force for the first time in seven years.

After that, he responded to a tough in-course attack with a clever swing that is said to be one of the best in the world, and marked more than 150 hits on average in the season.

He has grown into one of the world’s leading players, winning the most hits in 2012 and the title of leading hitter in 2016.

In addition, from the season five years ago, he took over as captain of the team following Shinnosuke Abe, the team’s captain, and last season he set a league record with 36 consecutive appearances since the start of the season, and also hit his best 40 home runs to win the league for the first time in five years, became the first player to win the league for the first time in five years.

This season, with 116 hits up to 2000 hits, Sakamoto was expected to set the youngest record of 31 years and 7 months for Kihachi Enomoto, and Sakamoto showed his enthusiasm for “I want to do my best to get there,” but the start of the season was delayed by about three months due to the new Coronavirus, so I couldn’t challenge this record.

In addition, the infection of the new coronavirus was confirmed just before the opening, and the delay of adjustment was worried, but it started in time for the opening game.

This season, the batting average for each month remained at 20 percent from June to August, but in September it was 30.3 minutes and 7 tsubo, and in October it was 31 minutes and 2 tsubo.

In the match against Yakult on September 11, he hit his 15th solo home run of the final and gave Hara a white star to lead the Giants to the top of the giants’ total number of wins.

Coach Hara said, “I’ve been relying on him for the last few years. It’s very reliable that you’re growing into the position I’m asking for. I used to raise him, but now he’s bringing me up. I’m reliable in such a state of mind.”

With three games remaining this season, Sakamoto became the second youngest player in history at the age of 31 years and 10 months.