On the first day of the Grand Sumo Tournament in November, Masayo Shin-Oseki started as a white star.

On the first day of the Grand Sumo Tournament in November, Masayo Shin-Oseki started hakusei on November 8 at 7:22 p.m.

The grand sumo tournament in November celebrated its first day on the 8th at the National Sports Hall in Tokyo and both countries. Masayo Shin-Oseki played against Wakatakakei, the head of the front line, and won a great sumo match and started with a white star.
It is a victory or defeat after entering the middle.

Chiyono-in, ten cars in the Kashiwa-Shimano Sea, is pushed out by Shimanoumi.
Chiyo Shoma’s new addition to Tenkukai is thrown poorly by Chiyo Shoma.
Tsujichiyo Dairyu and Tsujinowaya are shoulder watermarks.
In the country of Chiyo, Ichinojo is pushed out by Chiyo no Kuni.
Tofeng Seung-ryu and Feng Seung-ryu won the game with a poor throw.
The flame is pushed down by Toyoyama in Mt. Totoyo.
Myo is pushed out to the sea of Sasasada.
Tossed by Keiko Tsuji to Ryuden.
Teruyoshi is pushed down by Tokukatsu Ryu.
Endo won the game with Endo pushing out to Kashiwayama.
The onion is pushed out by the onion in the mind of Hagino.
To Toho Fuji, The Katsumine is pushed down by Takarafuji.
Myogiryu is pushed out by Kitakatsu Fuji to Shohoku Katsufuji.
The sea of Oki is pushed out by the sea of Oki.
Teruyuki Terunofuji, who returned to the role of Shozo, was cut off by Terunofuji.
The victory of Takashi Shinsekiwaki was pushed down by Daiei Sho.
Kashiwasekiwaki Abusaki in the Mitaka Sea won the sumo tournament when the Mitake Sea was talking.
Shin-Oseki Masayo Wakataka, the head of the team, won the sumo tournament in which Masayo also made a lot of remarks, and won the game by pushing him down.
Mt. Asanoyama is cut off by Mt. Asano, Oseki.
Koyui Takayasu, who returned to the third role of Takakagekatsu, won the game with a push-out by Takakagekatsu.

Yokozuna Tsururyu, a resting yokozuna, diagnosed with lumbar spondylolisthystosis

The Japan Sumo Association has announced that Yokozuna Tsururyu, who was closed for three consecutive days after his first day of sumo in November, has been diagnosed as needing a rest because of a hip injuries.

Yokozuna Tsururyu was closed for the 18th time in a row for three consecutive places in November, the first day of the tournament on the 8th at the National Art Museum in Tokyo and both countries, with his right hind hand in July and the autumn place in September with a hip injuries.

The Japan Sumo Association released a medical certificate on August 8 that required Tsururyu to be closed in November due to lower back pain due to lumbar spondylolisthiasis as a result of a medical examination at a sumo clinic in the National Sumo Tournament on the 4th of this month.

On the first day at the National Sumo Center, Yokozuna Hakuho was also absent due to surgery on his right knee in August, and yokozuna has been absent since the first day.

According to the Sumo Association, there are two or more yokozuna in the number, and it is the first time in history that all of them have been closed from the first day in two places in a row.

President of the Japan Sumo Association, Hachikaku, “I want to show my fans how to enter the yokozuna ring”

With hakuho and Tsururyu yokozuna closed for the first day in the absence of two consecutive yokozuna, the president of the Japan Sumo Association, Hachikaku, said, “I want to show my fans how to enter the yokozuna ring. I want you to go to the next place. It is my responsibility as a yokozuna to heal my injury and bring sumo to a state where I can play sumo.”

In addition, masayo, who raised his first white star as Shin-Oseki, said, “It’s my first effort, so it’s going to be hard. Sekiwaki and Oseki had different responsibilities and I think we had a strong feeling that we had to win. It’s no use winning like today,” he said, pointing out that “I want a sense of stability that comes a little bit in front of us,” and then said that the three of them got off to a good start, saying, “There’s a lot of content, but it’s great that we won.”