Sapporo Susukino Voice of uneasiness from restaurants Request to shorten business by spreading infection

Sapporo Susukino Voice of uneasiness from restaurants Request for shortening of business by spreading infection November 8, 15:18

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, Hokkaido on July 7 requested restaurants and restaurants with entertainment in Suschino, a downtown area of Sapporo City, to shorten their business hours. There are voices of uneasiness about the situation where the future cannot be seen from the restaurant in Susukino.
Hokkaido’s request is for downtown Suschino to shorten business hours for restaurants and bars with entertainment, and for karaoke shops and izakayas to shorten the time it takes to serve sake by 10 p.m., respectively.

The bar, which has lasted more than 15 years in Suschino, has decided to continue operating as usual until the 10th and be used for the period of notification to regular customers, in response to the road’s request to shorten business hours by the 11th of this month.

As a result of thorough measures to prevent infection, this bar has been gradually returning to customers recently, but sales are still about 40% of the usual year, raising concerns about December at the time of earning.

There are still some shops in Susukino that do not have enough anti-infection measures, so Ryuji Noro, who is the manager of the bar, said, “I feel sorry to think that I can’t do business as usual again. This has been a tough situation, but I think we all need to work together to prevent the spread of the infection.”