Government Subcommittee Urgent Proposal on Increasing Number of Corona Infections to 9th Night Meeting

Government Subcommittee Urgent Proposal on Increase in Corona Infection November 9th 19:24

In response to the increasing number of infected people in Hokkaido and other parts of the country, a government subcommittee discussing the new coronavirus has compiled an urgent proposal calling for the government to take measures against clusters and further strengthen watery measures.
The emergency proposal points out that “as socio-economic activities gradually return, if appropriate infection prevention measures are not taken, it is likely to lead to rapid spread of infection.”

In addition, we are calling for effective and efficient measures to be taken in line with the characteristics of the cluster, such as restaurants with entertainment, foreign communities, and universities.

In addition, with the resumption of international traffic, we are calling for the rapid publication of country-by-country data and positive rates for the number of people inspected at airport quarantine stations, and to strengthen support for medical institutions that accept foreigners.

On the other hand, if it is judged that “Stage 3” or higher of the four stages classified by the infection situation is rapidly increasing, it is necessary for the public to take strong measures that require certain restrictions on socio-economic activities, and it is necessary for the public to work together to take measures.

At the government subcommittee meeting, Chairman Ogi will hold an emergency press conference on the evening of September 9 to clarify the contents of the proposal.