“In short, my day” popular cosplayer Omote-chan,"Good boobs day"Best bust release to

Omote-chan, a cosplayer, updated Twitter on the 8th (Sun). She showed off her beautiful bust gravure on “Good Boobs Day”.

[Photo]”Sexy and cute is really invincible” Omote-chan’s “good boobs”

Omote-chan, who boasts over 410,000 followers and is a hot topic as a cosplayer who is too cute. It is also attracting attention as a “new era talent” who is active in all fields such as holding photo exhibitions and launching apparel brands.

Omote-chan released 4 gravure shots with hashtags of “In short, my day” and “Good boobs day”. The plump bust stands out in every photo.

Fans commented on this post, “Today is exactly Omote-chan’s day! Let’s make it a holiday from next year.” “Mote-chan’s day is definitely because only Mote-chan won.” There were acclaimed voices such as “Invincible”.

▽ Omote-chan
Instagram: omotemaru

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