Mrs. Melania and others “convinced defeat” and the press camp “is not true”

Mrs. Melania and others persuaded the defeat and the press camp is not true November 9 10:22

While former Democratic Vice President Biden declared victory in the U.S. presidential election, some American media reported that Mrs Melania and other family members were persuading her family to admit defeat over President Trump’s stance in court.
The U.S. presidential election has been accelerated by former Democratic Vice President Biden, who has accelerated his move toward a transition to power in preparation for his inauguration next January, but President Trump has not acknowledged his defeat and remains ready to fight in court.

Against this situation, CNN’s electronic version said Wednesday that one of the daughter-in-law’s closest aides, a senior adviser to Kushner and Mrs. Melania, is persuading the president to accept the defeat.

ABC TV also said, “Aides, including family members, know that the election is already over. Mrs. Melania and others are discussing how to allow the President to defeat in a dignified way.”

After these reports, Mrs. Melania posted on Twitter, “Fair elections must be held. Except for illegal ones, all legitimate votes should be aggregated. We must protect democracy with complete transparency.”

Meanwhile, a senior Trump campaign official wrote on Twitter, “Kushner’s senior advisers have told the president that legal proceedings should be carried out to ensure that the tally is accurate. The report is not true.”

In addition, the New York Times reported that a senior White House adviser was adring President Trump that a senior adviser should fight in court.

With a variety of information flying through the media, there is interest in President Trump’s future situation, which states that “the election is not over yet.”