SixTONES & Snow Man, “face of the times”! Anan AWARD Grand Prize “honor” “want to run through”

Idol groups SixTONES and Snow Man were selected for the grand prize of “anan AWARD”, which commends the “star symbolizing the times” selected by the women’s gravure weekly magazine “anan”, and Jesse and Juri Tanaka of SixTONES, Snow Man. Iwamoto Hikaru and Raoul took the stage at the award ceremony held in Shibuya, Tokyo on the 8th. From the left, SixTONES’s Juri Tanaka, Jesse, Snow Man’s Raoul, and Iwamoto Hikaru made their first two-group simultaneous debut in Johnny’s artist history on January 22, and immediately broke through the millions. Man. The magazine was selected as the “face of the times” in the grand prize in recognition of its success as “a symbol of the trend as a new star this year.” At the award ceremony, the magazine’s mascot, An An Panda, appeared by pushing a wagon carrying a “golden panda.” Each of the four received a “golden panda”, but at that time Raoul patted An An Panda’s head, Jesse showed a hugging movement, and Miho Nakai, the moderator, gently said, “Jesse is different.” Tanaka also urged him to point to the “golden panda” and receive it, and laughter arose from the venue. At the beginning of the talk, Jesse said, “It’s Jesse’s SixTONES,” and when Tanaka said “reverse,” he said, “It’s the opposite. I’m sorry. It’s SixTONES’s Jesse.” “I am very grateful to have received such an award since I made my debut this year. I will continue to do my best to receive various awards,” he said. Raoul also said, “I’m very happy because I didn’t imagine that we would win such a grand prize. Every time I decorated the cover as Snow Man, the fans got excited and Watanabe (Shota) got excited. Even when I did the cover solo, it became a hot topic among the members that it was amazing to do the cover of “anan” alone, and I am very happy to receive such an award. ” What kind of year was 2020? Jesse said, “I made my debut on January 22nd, and I was surprised that the 3rd single was released on November 11th, and I wonder if it’s okay to be so fast. SixTONES is thinking mainly about music. By making our debut, it has been a year in which we can convey our music and performances to various people, “he said.” I would like to continue to show the strongest SixTONES so as not to lose to my seniors and juniors. ” I vowed to be active. Iwamoto said, “I had a lot of experiences. It was my first time to deliver a debut concert at Johnny’s, and we at Snow Man all have a desire to go get something that has a” first “, so Watanabe will release it. The previous reprint “First” was exciting with all the members like myself, and we will continue to have many firsts. We can not take it alone, so the power of the fans and the invisible again I think it was a year of gratitude for the power, “he recalled. SixTONES and Snow Man are also popular on YouTube channels. Tanaka said, “I’m trying to be as natural as possible, or it’s natural. Most of our videos are about 10 minutes long, but it’s exciting enough to shoot for a few hours. Shooting our YouTube takes time. When you notice it, you enjoy it. Of course, we deliver our goodness as a job, but what we usually keep in mind is that we enjoy it the most. I think that it is done while practicing. ”, He revealed the excitement of the site. Raoul said, “We are also doing YouTube and WEIBO, but every time I upload a video or photo, the feeling that everyone’s reaction is returned is very fresh, and that word is encouraging because it is a time when I can not meet in person. I think it’s a great thing to have an environment where you can see the words and get stronger, “said the fans. When asked what “anan” was to me, Tanaka said, “It was Johnny’s Jr. that we were the first to do the cover as SixTONES. The image of seniors decorating the cover with a sexy adult cover. I was a little worried that it would be okay, but thankfully it was reprinted with the help of everyone, and I felt a little relieved there, and we will do our best there. It was also an opportunity to solidify my determination and accelerate the momentum, “recalls the first cover. “I will do the cover at the timing of the release of the 3rd single on November 11, and I am very grateful to have done the cover at the right time every time,” he said thanks to the magazine. And Tanaka said, “Of course, I’m glad that all the members were happy to receive such an award, but I received a very honored award, and from here again, not only the face of the present era. No matter how many years passed, I continued to work hard with Team SixTONES, tightening myself and holding hands with the fans and staff so that I could say that it was the face of that time. I would like to thank you for your continued support, “he renewed his determination, and Jesse tightened his mind, saying,” Please. ” Iwamoto said, “I have the impression that’anan’is pulling out ourselves that we do not know. When we look at the finished product, we find that this member looks like this. I think that you are drawing out a new side as much as you can, “he said, saying,” I received the first prize of “anan” and Snow Man was able to take the “first”. Thanks to all the fans who really support me. So that Snow Man can come here in 5 years, 10 years, and how many times, with the fans, the future era I want to run through. ”