TV animation “Golden Kamuy” 3rd period, 30th episode synopsis & pre-cut release

From the third period of the TV anime “Golden Kamuy” that started broadcasting in October 2020, the outline and preceding scene cut of the 30th episode “Evil Sign” have been released.From the 30th episode “Evil Sign” ● TV animation “Golden Kamuy”, 30th episode synopsis & scene cut

■ Episode 30 “Evil Sign”

Ogata and Vashiri’s single combat, which had been in a long stalemate, finally reached the final stage after dawn. Vashiri, who thinks that Ogata is lurking in the coffin that the Orok people put on the tree for burial, triggers it first, but it was Ogata’s trap. Ogata who confirmed the opponent’s whereabouts and killed Vashiri with a single blow. However, it is impossible to erase the sign, and Ogata gives off a high fever and collapses. In a vague consciousness, the past related to his half-brother, Yusaku, revives in Ogata’s mind.
(Screenplay: Aya Yoshinaga, Storyboard: Eiji Suganuma, Director: Shigeru Fukase, Animation Director: Emi Hirano) The third season of the TV anime “Golden Kamuy” is being broadcast on TOKYO MX, Yomiuri TV and others. For details, see the official anime website. (C) Satoru Noda / Shueisha / Golden Kamuy Production Committee