Experts explain the points of “disaster prevention for parents and children” “It is important to have the necessary preparations”

Chihiro Teshima announcer is the personality of TOKYO FM’s program “Disaster Prevention FRONT LINE”. In the broadcast on Saturday, October 24, we asked Mami Tomikawa of NPO Mamaplug about “disaster prevention for parents and children”.

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In Tokyo, we hold various seminars on disaster prevention on a daily basis. The “Daddy Mama Tokyo Disaster Prevention Delivery Class” started last year.

More than 15 parents from 0 years old to elementary school students, such as groups of dad friends and mom friends and child-rearing circles with whom they have a daily relationship, are conducting online format using Zoom, and of course participation with children is also possible. Okay.

Experts who are familiar with disaster prevention for parents and children will serve as instructors, and the content will be tailored to the characteristics of the group, such as age and area of ​​residence, so that children can learn the necessary knowledge and preparations.

Mr. Tomikawa, who is a lecturer at this seminar, said, “When it comes to preparing things, instead of looking at the list on the Internet, I look for things that are necessary for my home,” for babies “and” for mothers. ” Mothers basically carry a “mama bag” when they go out, so most of them include necessary items such as diapers, clothes, food and drinks. I think there is, so I’m telling you that it’s the strongest disaster prevention bag. “

As Mr. Tomikawa said that it is important for you and your family to have the necessary preparations, it is a good disaster prevention to buy a little more things that you use on a daily basis.

In addition, Mr. Tomikawa talks about evacuation with children.

“Life in a shelter is really difficult with children, so if you can evacuate at home, it is best to stay at home. However, that place is a danger area for collapse, a fire and a landslide disaster. In some cases, you may not be able to stay there all the time. I think the case of judgment will differ depending on the area where you live.

Therefore, please have a look at the hazard map in advance to know in advance what kind of danger (possible) your location is. I think it is very important to have a system that allows you to evacuate quickly when there is a danger. “

Parents who look closely at their children and understand them should be able to prepare for what they really need.

There are many things you can easily do in your daily life, even if you don’t know what to start with when you hear “disaster prevention”, or if you know that you need it but you can’t move easily.

When walking around the city, why not start by consciously living, such as “Let’s take this route to get to the hills” and “This is a shelter”.

The “Daddy Mama Tokyo Disaster Prevention Class” sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is free of charge and reservations are accepted at any time. For details, please check the Tokyo Metropolitan Disaster Prevention website or the Tokyo Metropolitan Disaster Prevention Twitter.

Let’s start by making it easy and familiar to create an opportunity to review disaster prevention measures at home.

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