I was shocked to witness the hugs of Asaba and Riho, the trees played by Nana Mori! “Koi Ata” Episode 4

The fourth episode of the drama “Is this love warming up?” (TBS series, every Tuesday from 22:00) starring Nana Mori and starring Tomoya Nakamura, Taiga Nakano, Shizuka Ishibashi and others will be on November 10th. Will be broadcast on.

Convenience store clerk Inoue Kizuki (Mori), who will be involved in the development of sweets for some reason, and Takumi Asaba (Nakamura), the president of the convenience store chain “Coco Every” who plans to succeed, have a sweet love through the development of “best-selling” sweets. A love story of an original script that falls into. Nakano will play pastry chef Makoto Shintani, who belongs to “Dolce Kitchen”, a company specializing in sweets production of “Coco Every”, and Ishibashi will play Riho Kitagawa of the Sweets Division of the “Coco Every” product department.

In the third episode broadcast last week, the hug scene of Asaba and Riho was talked about. On the Internet, there were voices saying, “I’m coming to Kyun, yeah, yeah,” “Don’t force me to laugh” is too power word, and the bugs and head pompoms after that are heart-stopping.

The tree (Mori) who saw the hug scene of Asabanaka (Nakamura) and Riho (Ishibashi) was shocked. Moreover, the product developed by the tree was released, and even though he achieved the highest sales record on the first day and was called to the president’s office, he could not look directly at Asaba.

Meanwhile, a new project is launched. With Riho as the leader, Ki and Shintani (Nakano) have decided to start developing sweets using apples. However, I was worried about Asaba and Riho, and the trees couldn’t concentrate on the work. On the other hand, Shintani plans to reconnect Asaba and Riho, and tries to lure Riho from Shintani …