India’s air pollution worsens, concerns about increased corona infections and severe cases

India Air Pollution Worsens Concerns About Increase in Corona Infections and Severe Cases November 10 at 8:20 PM

As the spread of the new coronavirus in India’s capital, New Delhi, air pollution is worsening, and local medical associations have expressed concern that the number of infected and critically ill people will increase as air pollution increases.

During this period in New Delhi, the capital of India, air pollution is said to be at the worst level in the world due to wild burning in surrounding fields.

On the 10th, the concentration of PM2.5 air pollutants reached more than 30 times the standard set by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment.

In New Delhi, the daily number of people infected with the new coronavirus has soared to nearly 8,000 earlier this month, and the Indian Medical Association estimates that the number of people infected with the new coronavirus has increased by more than 10 percent due to air pollution, and there are concerns that lung disease will make it more likely to become severe.

This weekend, there will be a Hindu festival called Diwali, where a large amount of firecrackers will be used to pollute the area, and there is a risk of further spread of the infection, so the local government has been strengthening measures such as deciding to ban the use and sale of firecrackers throughout this month.

A woman living in New Delhi said, “As the infection spreads, pollution gets worse, and if you breathe dirty air, I think more people will be infected. It’s a very difficult situation.”