JO1, 1st album title song “Shine A Light” MV released! “Crossing space-time” theme

The music video (FULL Ver.) Of the title song “Shine A Light” of the 1st album “The STAR” (released on November 25) of the global boy group JO1 was released worldwide on the 10th. JO1’s “Shine A Light” MV FULL Ver. Is based on the theme of “intersecting space-time,” and depicts how members meet over time and time. A spectacular image that makes full use of CG, set in a huge scrambled intersection in a fictitious city, a story in which “light” connects the time without crossing and the thoughts of young people who transcend time and space intersect. The highlight is how the members living on different time axes influence each other beyond situations and multi-screens around the prism. In the member’s solo scene, each of the 11 member colors (Issei Mamehara = Red, Ren Kawashiri = Blue, Takumi Kawanishi = Pink, Shosei Ohira = Yellow, Shion Tsurubo = Gray, Ruki Shiraiwa = White, Keigo Sato = “Light” based on the image of Camel, Syoya Kimata = Light Purple, Junki Kono = Light Blue, Sukai Kinjo = Black, Sho Yonashiro = Green) will appear. The dance performance has been a hot topic every time, from the 1st single “PROTOSTAR” to “Infinity” “Muscle Kiss” and from the 2nd single “STARGAZER” to “OH-EH-OH” “Jacket Dance”. Pay attention to the “star dance” of the chorus part that dances like a glittering star. In addition, we announced the “MV Play Count Achievement Promise” that will release new videos according to the YouTube views of “Shine A Light”. In addition to “PERFORMANCE VIDEO” of “Shine A Light” with 3 million views, “RELAY DANCE” with 5 million views, “PART SWITCH Ver.” With 7 million views to replace member parts, “SPECIAL VIDEO” with 10 million views Is published. (C) LAPONE ENTERTAINMENT