“Kotatsubune” begins to operate around the moat of Matsue Castle, a winter tradition.

Winter tradition “Kotatsubune” around the moat of Matsue Castle begins November 10 at 14:18

Before the arrival of full-scale winter, the “Kotatsubune” service began on the 10th on a sightseeing boat around the moat of Matsue Castle.

The Horikawa Cruise Boat, which goes around the moat of Matsue Castle in Matsue City, operates a kotatsu boat with kotatsu at this time of year when morning and evening get cold, and it has become a winter tradition.

The kotatsu was made of charcoal, which was characterized by its gently enveloping warmth, and the staff started the fire early in the morning and loaded it into the ship.

Bean charcoal is that it lasts until the evening when it is set in kotatsu.

In addition, as a preventive measure against infection of the new coronavirus, it is that the kotatsu futon is disinfected every day.

On the morning of the 10th, Matsue City became chilly with a minimum temperature of 7.7 degrees Celsius, which was almost the same as normal, but tourists enjoyed the townscape where the atmosphere of the Edo period remains while taking the warmth with kotatsu, and the trees that turned red in some places.

A man who visited with his wife from Miyagi Prefecture said, “It was warm and warm, and I didn’t feel cold at all.”

The Kotatsu boat of the Horikawa cruise ship will operate every day until April 10 next year.