U.S. presidential election, Mr. Biden declared victory, accelerating preparations for transition to power

U.S. presidential election Mr Biden declares victory, accelerates preparations for transition to power November 10 at 6:10 a.m.

Former Democratic Vice President Biden, who declared victory in the U.S. presidential election, has announced a new coronavirus team that is facing pressing challenges, as well as holding telephone talks with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau to accelerate preparations for a transition to power. President Trump, on the other hand, has not broken his stance of continuing his court battle for fraud in the election.
Former Democratic Vice President Biden, who declared victory in the U.S. presidential election, today announced a team of 13 experts who will advise on the Corona Virus antivirus.

Mr Biden said: “The election is over. We will unite for the common purpose of defeating the virus,” he said, calling on the people to be united.

On top of that, Mr Biden said: “It doesn’t matter who you voted for or who your partisanship is. If you wear a mask, you can save tens of thousands of lives.”

Mr. Biden also met with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau by telephone and confirmed his policy of working together on new anti-virus measures, accelerating the transition to power.

Meanwhile, President Trump announced the dismissal of Secretary of Defense Esper on Twitter today, but has so far not appeared in public.

There is uncertainty as the U.S. media reports that the head of the federal department appointed by President Trump has not signed the necessary documents for the transition and that the transition is likely to be delayed.

The board of the tree is removed without confusion.

In Washington, the capital of the United States, wooden boards were attached to the windows of buildings in preparation for the turmoil surrounding the presidential election, but the boards are being removed because there is no confusion.

In Washington, the capital, trees were installed in the windows of many buildings near the White House before polling day because of confusion over the presidential election and the looting and saboting of flights.

However, because there has been no confusion or looting, and the administrative authorities have expressed the view that it is safe to remove the board, the removal of the board is underway in the central office district on September 9.

In the building where the cafes were located, workers used tools to remove the screws that had fixed the boards and removed them one at a time.

A 26-year-old woman working nearby said, “I’m very relieved. I was scared that something might happen after the election, but I’m glad nothing happened.”

A 46-year-old man living nearby said, “I was worried before the election, but now I’m very relaxed. I think the city is regaining its peace little by little.”