WHO Tedros, Executive Director, “Close Collaboration Fun” Biden Victory Declaration

WHO Tedros, Executive Director, “Close Collaboration Fun”: Biden’s Victory Declaration November 10 at 4:47 AM

Tedros, director general of the World Health Organization, who announced the withdrawal by the Trump administration in the United States, expressed his expectation for future cooperation, noting that he “looks forward to working closely together” following the declaration of victory by former Vice President Biden, a Democrat who had announced that he would withdraw his withdrawal in the presidential election.
The WHO’s annual meeting, which discusses responses to the new coronavirus, began on September 9 in a videocon conference format with the participation of 194 member states.

In response to Mr. Biden’s declaration of victory in the U.S. presidential election, Mr. Tedros said he “looks forward to working closely together” and said he expected future cooperation.

As for the WHO, President Trump repeated his criticism that he was “close to China” and formally announced his withdrawal in July, but Mr Biden said he would withdraw immediately after taking office if he retakeed power in the election campaign.

Mr. Tedros said, “We must rebuild our leadership and build mutual trust in order to end the pandemic and resolve inequality at the root of many of the world’s challenges,” and called for the unity of member states with the United States, which has distanced themses from who has distanced themses from the WHO, in mind.

WHO’s annual meeting will be held until the 14th, and an interim report will be made by who and the Independent Committee, which is examining each country’s response to the new coronavirus.

Taiwan WHO Annual Meeting Observer Not Allowed to Participate

At the annual meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO), Taiwan, which is not a member, aimed to participate as an observer, and proposed that countries in Central and South America with diplomatic relations also participate.

However, the chairman of the General Assembly said on September 9 that he would not discuss the proposal as a result of private talks among member states, and Taiwan was not allowed to participate.

Taiwan’s participation in observers was supported by the United States, Japan, and others, while China strongly opposed it.

Taiwan’s foreign ministry expressed strong discontent, as “China has blocked Taiwan’s participation in the WHO and the WHO continues to ignore the health and human rights of 23.5 million Taiwanese people.”