Cosplayer, Kanon every sleep, “two-dimensional” voice in a date-style photo with a beautiful bust peeked from the chest

The cosplayer’s sleepy Kanon updated Twitter on the 10th (Tuesday). Beautiful bust Date-style shots in prominent clothes are a hot topic.

[Photo]Also pay attention to the sexy outfit with open chest, and every sleepy Kanon’s date clothes

Kanon every sleep, a notable cosplayer with over 80,000 followers on Twitter. It is gaining popularity due to its cute looks and fluffy body.

Every sleep, “What?”, A portrait of a sense of distance like a date is released. Looking to the front, the chest of the clothes is wide open, and you can see the beautiful bust.

Many acclaimed voices such as “Kanon-san is too cute to be called to heaven”, “Cosplay is cute, and her clothes are cute … Angel-yan” and “2D” were received from the internet for this date-style shot.

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